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2020 Home Décor plain and aesthetic Color Trends

Colors, aesthetic color or other, play an essential role in bringing life to a house.

Colors can turn a dull room into a bright and colourful one. The transformation capability of colors is unquestionable, and it sets the tone of the apartment according to the taste of people who live there.

The world is going to enter in 2021. Every day new color patterns and themes are getting more popular. People are admiring the color sense and adapting the trends to beautify their rooms, offices, houses, and apartments. Some people choose a beautiful aesthetic color pattern while others go for a plain one. It depends on the trend.

So, who designs these color trends? Where do these magnificent color trends come from? Who decides whether you should go for an aesthetic color scheme or a plain color? Is there a random theme generator working behind the curtains of interior design?

The answer to the question is there is no random theme generator. The trends of interior design are typically influenced by evolving beauty and fashion standards. The fashion industry is the most rapidly unfolding industry with a substantial influence on people's minds. As a matter of fact, most interior design colors, patterns, and designs emerge from the latest trends in the fashion industry.

Plain or aesthetic color, What's trending in 2020?


Whether you are using a soft aesthetic color or a bold and bright one, the first impression says it all. It sheer depends on you, whether you want to make the impression or are expected to go down in your circle. The first impression phase isn't only about the humans but for interior decors as well. Proper planning and few clicks over the internet could save you from this embarrassment. Let us help you decorate your dream house by telling you what color is trending this year and letting you decorate your home with the least possible expenses!

Stay tuned!


A Nobel color, filled with an aesthetic touch! Yes, the champagne color is at the top of our trending interior designing color list!

For years cool grey has dominated the world of interior design by its classy and elegant looks. The feel of ease and the refreshing effect provided by this color are now being replaced by champagne beauty's warmth and grace. This color's earthy impact is its beauty, which is pleasant to look at and provides a feeling of warmth and comfort.

If you are looking for something more interesting with this color scheme, you can go for a bold contrast. A contrast brings the beauty out of this color. A bold texture could give you the kick of interest by adding a great touch.

Using some metallic accessories is also a trendy choice to be made. You can choose gold or silver-colored accessories as they are in trend and feel pleasant too. This look with proper management provides an utterly moonstruck view to the visitors. Don't forget to impress your fellow by inviting them to your house!

Navy blue

Need a feel of dark but trying to ignore black? Try navy blue! A color that looks amazing with almost every color!

Lighter than black but darker than blue, a perfect combination that rocks in every season. And a color that is favorite of almost everyone. Woah jackpot.

Due to its elegance and ability to work well with every color, it seems this color will rock soon. This increasing popularity is proof that It's a timeless color that gives a nice touch throughout the year. If you are looking for a more cozy and comfortable sensation, the combination of navy blue and champaign provides a well-balanced feel of royalty and a hint of warmth and cold. Its versatility makes people fall for it. It's a classic color that gives class and intensity at the same time. Not every color can pull this off, right?

Since it is a relaxing color, it is suitable for renovating the rooms of every age group. The resemblance to ocean waves makes it a perfect choice for your apartment or office. We suggest, despite going for a random theme generator, use this color to show your cool side.

Glowing neon

Exploring the future by going hand in hand with the past, yes, there comes the glowing neon. More than often, we feel that trends work in a loop. Trends go and begin again with a gap of a few years. Sometimes the difference of few years needs a complete decade to be filled. Glowing neon is also a color pattern like that. This color is the most brilliant combination and was used by interior designers back in the '80s. This combination is rising again, and we are expecting it will rise again.

Neon colors add a sense of glory in everything. Most commonly, these colors are being used as signs these days. You might have seen such neon signs outside the clubs or night parties. But people do use these in their houses. The catchy effect of neon sure grabs the attention. You could use these over the top of your bookshelf as a bright decorating piece or put it on display at your front door. Go ahead. It's trending today.

Golden Yellow

A color that lies somewhere between orange and metallic gold. This color is considered as the color of joy and cheerfulness. Some people also refer to this color as the color of youth and friendship. This color lights up the environment. Also, it gives the aesthetic touch to your design.

Designers these days tend to use this color in their patterns. If you are planning to pick this theme for your dream house, there is one thing you should not ignore. Excessive use of this color wouldn't be useful. Instead, it will make people feel like they are sitting in a hospital.

This theme is considered the best for bedrooms and nurseries. But you can also use this in your living rooms.

Olive green

Plain color with a feel of boldness and openness seems beautiful and trendy. It's a color that can take you back to nature. Olive green is in trend this year, and it should be as it gives your space an elegant, crisp, and modern look. Modernization with a hint of aesthetic color!

Olive green is a soft color that you can use anywhere in the house or the offices. Its versatility makes it possible to be used with multiple background shades but goes well with white and grey backgrounds. If you are looking for a bold feeling of warmth in your living space, this is the right choice. Start renovating your space with this color, especially for the fall season home renovation. It will help you to get the right vibes this year.

In case you are looking for more options except for the patterned backgrounds and curtains, olive green furniture is an excellent alternative to olive green wallpaper color. Since it works brilliant with darker shades, you can use various dark colors with this theme to get in the trendy vibes. If not sure about the full house renovation, paint a single wall with this glorious color, and feel the light-up environment and difference.

Light Pink the soft touch

Are you looking for a stylish inspiration? A gorgeous color to hit the right beat this year!

The light pink or neutral pink color can pull this over—a stylish inspiration with elegancy. This color sets out a calmer and peaceful tone. Since it's a color generally associated with innocence and purity, it would be ideal for your toddler's room decoration. This beautiful color is often considered a color for girls, but a bright shade of pink (Hot Pink) can do the magic for everyone. If you are working with small spaces, and cannot afford expensive room decors for your apartment's bedroom, decorate a small portion of your room with this intense color and light up the day.

Too bad, this color has been restricted to nurseries for so long. But now it's getting popular as a substitute for plain white and beige.

If you are a diversified person looking for a more eclectic look for his house too, try implementing the combination of light pink and hot pink and have fun modernizing your space with the adaptability of this magnificent color.

The most Eye-catching color, "Dark Red."


Red is a bold and catchy color. The reasons you should use this while decorating your space are; It's timeless, bright, and gorgeous.

Red is the color of love, emotion, and passion. It can evoke a glossy touch in the living room, a juicy effect in the dining and kitchen, and a love sensation in the bedroom. A classic traditional color that also gives a hint of modernization.

The effect of red depends on the hue of you are about to use, for red, you must use it in contrast to some dull and lighter colors. Using dark red with different tints and shades increases the chances of beautifying the space.

It can add sophistication to anything. It is a dominant color, and we are expected to see it's different shades getting fashionable and trendy this year. Were you wondering about the color combo for dark red? We got you covered. Dark red dominated the world of interior design with its passionate touch. Caramel, as a combination of dark red, is a refreshing choice to be made. The color combination of red and caramel is ageless. With this color combo, you can say bye-bye to the fear of seasoned home interior design trends.


A perfect color to brighten up the day with the hot summary and beachy vibes. A beachy atmospheric look that is loved by all.

Mango color interiors are trending in the hotlist of designers this year. No doubt, some people cannot handle this funky color, but this isn't stopping the tone from getting famous this year. And we believe no color is too much if used wisely.

Since it's a bright and funky color, it highlights the focal point and also directs the visitor's eyes to the position you wanted. Mango is a fashionable color and can be used as an accent color to get an energetic vibe in your houses and workplaces.

To get the right feel of this color, you can use this in contrast to light grey. The combination of soft and bold colors is trendy too. A charming mango accent, few bright mango cushions on a grey sofa, looks gorgeous in the living room and takes the space to a new modernization level. That's the reason it's been trending this summer.


Designing a dream house is all about beautifying it pleasantly and affordably at the same time. Modernization and finance do not always stay in the same pinch. The key is to utilize the available resources in a more meaningful way.

Colors add beauty to any design, and when it comes to interior design, one has to be more than careful with his choices as our interior design choices represent our taste. In this era, coloring and designing a house isn't just flooding the walls with bright or dim colors without a second thought. It's more like an art. Trend research can prove beneficial in this regard, and it is better to do a little research before falling for a color blindly. There is a possibility that the "generation cool" color you are falling for is beautiful but not in trend.

New theme selection for a complete renovation could be very tricky. An interior designer friend could help you in this regard as he will give his expert opinion about whether you should go for an aesthetic color or a plain one. A graphic designer friend can also provide some assistance as they have substantial knowledge of colors and can also use color hunt to make things easier for you. So, you can design your apartment or bedroom just as you wanted.

 Which wallpaper color are you planning to adopt? Share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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